10 Reasons Why College Makes Me Mad

NOTE: I do like college. I like it better than high school. I like the environment and freedom. but there are a lot of things that make me extremely mad about it so I'm going to rant about it. Most of the reasons are related to money, but you know what they say, money is the source of all problems and root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10)

1. It's too expensive. So basically in order for me to make a living for myself and become more educated in certain subjects that interest me, I have to pay literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to do it. Makes sense.

2. Some professors do not care. In my 3 years of college classes so far, some of these professors DO NOT care whatsoever about your education. Their main priorities are research, or whatever else they do. Teaching is just a small part of job, and sometimes it's just their teaching assistant doing all the grading or even teaching the class. So if you have a problem in the class? Sorry, you're in trouble and better start praying for a miracle.

3. Some professors do not have the skills to teach.  This is kind of redundant, but some professors don't have the skills to teach or even communicate with students properly. If you choose to work at an institution and have to teach a college class as part of your job, you should be required to have passed some kind of teaching certification. If students in the college of education have to show they have the skills to teach children K-12, so should professors at a college. I mean, the students are paying for the classes, so it seems fair that they have decent professors, right?

4. You're not guaranteed a job after graduation. After paying thousands of dollars to educate myself enough to where I should be able to get a job with an actual salary that I am supposed to be able to live my life off of, I am not 100% guaranteed a job. That's a really scary thought.

5. The prices have gone up. A lot. In the 1975-1976 calendar year, tuition at a four-year public institution for an instate student was, on average, $2,387 per year (in today's money value). Today, it is on average, $9,410 per year. From 1984-1985 year to the 2014-2015 year, there had been a 225% INCREASE IN COLLEGE TUITION. That's within only 30 years!! Please don't faint or die because of the shock. Because I almost did. This is also legal as well?
Here's a handy dandy little chart to show you the numbers. It's insane, right?

6. You pay for things you can't use all the time. Like raising tuition prices to build new facilities, but not being allowed to use it. I don't know how it is at other schools, but at Auburn University, we have an awesome gym/rec center formally known as the Recreation and Wellness Center. To build the recreation center, the university raised tuition about 5% (I am not sure about the exact amount, but I do know they increased it). Students can use it as they please for "free" (in quotes because technically it's in our tuition) as long as they are a student taking classes that semester. Which means, if you are not taking summer classes, you are not allowed to go to the recreation center unless you pay $10 for one visit or $200 for the summer (I could be wrong about the pricing). Which makes literally no sense to me! Majority of students leave campus for the summer, so why can't students staying in town use it for free if they are registered for classes in the fall?? The students technically paid for it. If they weren't here, there wouldn't be a state-of-the-art recreation center to begin with.

7. College tuition cost > Job Salaries. Some jobs even with a bachelor's degree required will end up making less than $30k a year. Depending on what college you went to, your college tuition could possibly end up costing more than whatever your salary is.

8. Classes are offered only once a year. Some classes, not all, are only offered once a year. Meaning if you didn't have room in your schedule for it, you would have to take it the following year. Or if you had to retake the class. Depending on the class, it might not affect your graduation date, but for some people, it could potentially push your graduation date a whole year. Meaning you have to pay an extra year's worth of tuition because of one class. That's cool.

9. Textbooks. Nowadays, textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Not only are they expensive, but the edition changes every few years and professors require you to purchase the most recent edition. For example, I had an older edition of a textbook required for a class, so I asked my professor if I needed to purchase the latest edition. He indicated that I needed to purchase the newest edition so I reluctantly purchased it. After getting the book, I went and compared both editions and there were barely any changes except for page numbers and problems!!!

10. Scholarships. Most universities offer scholarships based on your academic success up until that point. Which is great, but when you really come to think of it, essentially smart kids get rewarded with money for being smart while people who aren't as bright, have to pay their way through college by taking loans and having to pay for it themselves. Yes, people lose their scholarships if their grades go down (I know people who have lost their scholarships), but USUALLY smarter kids already have an idea with what they want to do with their life, finish college in four years, and don't have to pay much while students who aren't that as smart and/or don't know exactly what they are doing might end up taking an extra semester or year, and have to pay every single penny of their time at the university. I don't know if what I said made sense, but does that seem fair to you? I don't think it's fair how there are people who breeze through college not having to pay a thing and then there are people struggling their way and have to pay for every single thing they breathe on in college. I don't see how intelligence correlates with money.

Yeah that's basically it. This has been sitting in my drafts for months now and I kept adding things, so if more reasons come up, maybe I'll make a part 2? Please share and comment if you agree with any of this. I don't think I'm the only one alone in this boat when it comes to college crap like this and I don't think it's okay that colleges are getting away with it. I'm not saying that college should be 100% free (but if Bernie Sanders became president and miraculously made it free, I wouldn't be complaining lol), but it definitely should not be at the prices they are right now.


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  1. Some of the complaints are valid such as 2, 3, 8 and 9. I think 99% of university students will agree.

    Some of the things, I don't agree with. It seems you feel like you are entitled to a good job or entitled to scholarships. You choose to go to a certain university and what you do there is done by you out of your own free will. The smart kids get the scholarships and finish their schooling on time because they put in the work and effort to do so. Same with getting a good job. Those people put in time and effort in doing extra work outside of classes and did their own personal projects and they deserve it.

    There are many ways to help the cost of schooling such as going to a community college first and then transferring to a 4 year university to finish your degree or taking time off from school or going to school part-time to work.

    What is your solution for "fixing" the price of university? If it becomes free, then the cost will get shifted to tax payers and that isn't 100% fair since they might not go to university or their children might not go so it's useless to them.

    The value of a university degree is getting lower because everyone goes now so now you have to do more to stick out and do well for yourself. No one is entitled to a good paying job (or any job) and no one is entitled to getting scholarships.


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