March and April Favorites 2016

Note: All pictures used in this post are taken directly from Ipsy (if it was purchased there) or the product's website.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip
There's been a lot of hype for Colourpop lip products to I decided to try some out myself because I need some dark colors. I ordered them online which was a huge risk considering the fact I couldn't see how they looked in person, but they seem pretty legit. The purple is maybe a bit too dark, but the red seemed okay. I haven't had an occasion to wear it out yet, but they are definitely matte and long lasting and really good for the price!
Matte Lip in the color "Guess"

Matte Lip in the color "LAX"

H&M Fine-Knit Poncho
I wanted some more ponchos and cardigans because I feel like they dress up outfits without any effort. I found one I liked at H&M, so I bought it and it's super lightweight and cute! I cannot wait to wear it out.

H&M Platform Sandals
I need more sandals in my life and I found a cute pair of black platform slip-ons at H&M. They are really comfy and can be worn to dress up or dress down.
Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner by Skone Cosmetics
My roommate and I are both subscribed to ipsy and she got some eyeliner in her bag which she said she's never going to use so she gave it to me. And um, it's basically the best thing ever. It's like a marker and it lasts all day and it's super easy to apply.
love this liner!!
Acne Treatment Gel by ZAPZYT
I've never purchased any kind of acne treatment before, so when I got this in my Ipsy bag, I was kinda excited! It's not supposed prevent acne, but if a pimple has formed on your face, it can prevent it from scarring and make it go away quickly. I was surprised that it actually worked!
Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo by Living Proof
I have never used dry shampoo in my life because I've always found it a strange concept to add chemicals to your hair, not wash it out, and consider that "cleansing". I still think it's weird. But I tried it out and it actually works! It didn't make my hair greasier or dirty. I don't think I'll use it often because I do prefer actually washing my hair, but if I get lazy or busy, it is very nice to have this option. I actually mentioned dry shampoo in my life hacks post, hehe.
Dysh is a new app that is a combination of Yelp and Instagram. I am one of those people who like taking pictures of my food when I go out and eat, but I don't feel like posting it to Instagram because I don't want to be That Person if you know what I mean, haha. This app is specifically just for food and it's awesome! You take a picture of your food, say what the dish is and what restaurant it is from, give it a rating, plus your thoughts on the food. It's such a cool concept and I love it. It's useful if you want to know what people think about the places to eat around you especially if you're traveling and don't know what places to eat at. I have an account so you guys should create one and follow me!
  This is my profile!
This is what your "feed" looks like.

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