My Trip To Jekyll Island


My dad had a work trip to Jekyll Island a few days ago, so he invited me to come along after classes ended and it was amazing. I had a horrible week of finals and it has been a terrible semester, so I was super excited to get out of Auburn. And I had never gone to Jekyll Island or knew many people who had gone there before so I was excited to visit a place that wasn't super mainstream.

Jekyll Island is a small island south of Savannah, Georgia. It's not as wellknown as Savannah and is kind of intimate. It's not like Destin or PCB. There weren't any crazy clubs or bars as far as I could tell and it's not really aimed at your typical crazy college crowd which I liked. The people I saw there were either over 40 or were families with young children. Soo yeah, not many people for me to be friends with, haha.

There was a section of the island which I would like to call their "downtown" (but it wasn't really downtown if you know what I mean) that was brand new and everything was clean, nice, and posh. And there is a bike path that goes around the whole island and you can rent bikes to bike around. I rented one for a little while and it was so fun!

My dad's conference was at The Westin so we spent the night there and it was right by the beach. The hotel was great and the beach was beautiful. Here are a few pictures I took!

  Dinner at Tortuga Jack's

While writing this blog post, I realized that I did a terrible job of taking pictures of things other than the beach. I'm sorry!! BUT... I snapchatted the whole experience and I compiled all the clips into one youtube video, so you can see a little more of the island that way. The video is right here below!


Youtube [main channel (**NEW**)]:
Youtube (2nd channel):


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