May and June Favorites 2016

I cannot believe it’s July and I’m already writing about my favorites for the past two months. Where has summer gone?! Where has 2016 gone?? How is already the middle of the year?? So many unanswered questions, haha. But anyways, here are my favorites from the past two months. Enjoy!

**All pictures were taken by the company/store website or by me unless stated otherwise underneath the photo.**

I ran out of concealer so I decided to try out two different concealers and then choose a favorite. But I really liked both of them, so I’m including both!

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand – This concealer is super cheap and good for the price. It has more orange/peach undertones and dried quickly so I had to apply it quickly one eye at a time. It’s very pigmented so applying just a little will go a long way.
Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment In Medium – This concealer was also drugstore bought. It has tanner undertones rather than orange undertones. It’s not as pigmented as the NYX concealer but that just means applying a normal amount like with any other concealer will work and it does work just as well in my opinion. I thought the applicator was kinda cool because it felt like I was applying a little pillow under my eyes.
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Ballet Flats
I was last minute shopping for Michigan and realized that my flats had a hole in them. I was in a big hurry and didn’t really have time to shop around so while I was grocery shopping at Walmart, I stopped by the shoe section just to see if they had any and they did! And they were like 5 bucks so I was like, why not? If they break, there is not much to lose, right? It’s been about a month now and I’ve been wearing them a lot to work and they’ve been doing well so far on my feet. And they are actually pretty comfy and I didn’t have to waste time breaking them in or anything!
Black Sandals
I was also in dire need of a pair of black sandals because my old sandals which I’ve had since 7TH GRADE were also on the verge of breaking, so I went to Target (because that’s where I got my last pair and they’ve lasted me 8+ years lol) and got this cute pair! They’re very comfy and go with everything.
Long-Sleeved top by Kendall & Kylie
I got this top from Pacsun because it was super cute and I didn't really have any tops in this style or color!
Long-Sleeved Crop Top by L.A. Hearts
Another top that I got at PacSun which I thought was super cute and comfy! Like the maroon top, I didn't have many tops this style and color, so I thought why not? It's very spring and summery. 
Day Designer “Green Geo” Planner
I needed a planner while I was here in Michigan to write anything important going on so I bought this one and it’s super cute! I am also excited to use it during this upcoming (gag) school year. Now I’ll really look like I have my sh*t together :P
The Human Condition by Jon Bellion
Thanks to the wonderful online streaming service called Spotify, I heard this artist for the first time last year? I think. Then I found his mixtape The Definition and I’ve been keeping up with him ever since. He is extremely talented and FINALLY released his first full-length album on June 10th, and wowowowow… it is amazing. It’s the perfect mix of pop and hip-hop and has a really unique sound compared to all the mainstream stuff on the radio. I bought tickets to his concert here in Detroit so I’m super excited to see him perform live!
Love You to Death by Tegan and Sara
This sister duo released an album a few weeks ago and it is a throwback to the 80s and so good!
Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino
Decided to try it out recently and it is so good! If you don’t like coffee taste much, you will love this! The chocolate at the bottom makes it all the better.
I went to Forever 21 recently and they have a lot of cute simply necklaces for super cheap so I got 3 necklaces. I might go back and get some more because jewelry sometimes makes my trash self look a little more put together haha.


Now you’re probably gonna be like, Sarah…. But GUYS. My water intake this month has increased tremendously and I have seen a difference in my skin and others have as well. I know everyone knows that water is good for you, but I am telling you, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Skip soda (it’s soda, not pop!! @ everyone in the north) and alcohol… drink water instead!


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