Tips For Online Shopping (And Other Shopping Tips!)

I never used to online shop because I thought it was a scary idea. How are you supposed to buy
clothes without seeing it in person and making sure it fits?! But I decided to give it a try one day and it's actually the best thing ever. You don't have to waste gas to go out, everything is categorized
on the website, and you don't have to talk to people. It's great!! :P Here are some tips for online shopping if you're iffy about it and some other good general shopping tips all based on my personal experience.

1. Free Shipping. Look for free shipping. I don't think it's worth paying for shipping because when you go to the actual store, you don't pay extra for shipping. Obviously the shipping cost is there for a reason, but I'm cheap and don't like paying for it. But it will save you a few bucks!

2. Sign up for email subscriptions from different stores. I know no one really checks their email nowadays except for work or school, but you won't know what's going on with some stores and their sales without reading those emails unless you're visiting the store every day! And some stores have "flash sales" which are only a few hours and they usually inform customers through email. They also have email-exclusive deals which you probably won't want to miss out on!

3. Sign up for text subscriptions. I turned mine off because I was starting to develop an online shopping problem, but like the email subscriptions, some stores inform you of flash sales and other great deals through text message. And like the emails, some are only text exclusive.

4. Holidays are your best friends. If you are wondering when are the best times to shop online, holidays are the best time. Memorial Day, Labor Day... all those little holidays are the best times to go online shopping and save the most money.

5. Look for promo codes. Like I said earlier, if you get emails and texts from your favorite stores, skim those emails or texts to see if there is a coupon because a lot of the time, there is. Check your mailbox and social media because stores are bound to post random promo codes there. And sometimes they are online exclusive!

6. If you are unsure about sizing, measure yourself. A lot of people aren't comfortable shopping online because of sizing issues. I was one of those people, haha. But companies have a sizing chart available on their website and they are accurate. I almost bought a pair of pants a size too small but I measured myself and ended up buying the right size!

7. Pay attention on your birthday. You guys are probably like, "Sarah, why would I forget my own birthday?" but some stores give discounts or freebies on your birthday! And with food, there are some places who give you free food on your birthday. I know Starbucks and Chill do and there are plenty of other stores who do as well.

8. Make sure you're shopping at a safe website. There are a lot of scammy websites out there. The most sketchy ones are companies who sell clothes for ridiculously cheap (ex. a formal dress selling for $5) Research the store you're shopping at to make sure it's safe and won't scam you and steal your personal information.

9. Black Friday isn't the biggest day for savings. People might disagree with this one (because I am researching it myself and some sites claim that that this is the best time to shop) but I promise that it's not. Yes, there are special deals in stores exclusive only on Black Friday in the stores itself and online. But Black Friday has become a holiday where business owners know that people are gonna spend lots of money on stuff that day thinking they are saving a lot of money, but in reality, they really aren't. It's a psychological thing. Especially with Christmas around the corner, Black Friday is the prime time to buy gifts for people and you can't skip out on buying presents, right? I have noticed it because I'm a cheap shopper so I know for a fact there are other days in the year where you can save more. Cyber Monday is one of them. But I think the best times to shop in my opinion and from personal experience is after Christmas, during all those little holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc), and semi-annual sales (usually June/July and January).

10. Don't feel pressured to buy something immediately. Yes, there are times and certain items that you know will sell out if you don't buy it right away. But there are lots of items that can be purchased a little later at a lower price especially electronics, video games, and movies. And obviously spring clothes are cheaper during the fall and winter whereas winter clothing is cheaper during the summer.

11. Shoptagr. I recently discovered Shoptagr and Y'ALL. I am about to change your life. You make an account and it's an extension that you can add to your browser. Whenever you see something that you want to buy online, but it's too pricey or you want to wait till it's on sale, you use this to "tag" the item and it will notify you via email if/when the price drops! You don't have to constantly check to see if the price has dropped which is so amazing and efficient. Plus, it's super easy and can potentially save you lots of money!


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  1. Online shopping is best thing to try. I do online shopping when I don't feel like going outside house.


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