July and August Favorites 2016

GUYS. I didn't post at all this month. I'm so sorry!!! For two reasons: One, I did not have as much time as I anticipated to write. I was in Michigan all summer and now I'm back in Auburn and classes are in full swing (pray for me). And two, I actually have a lot of posts written up in my drafts but I don't feel like they are 100% perfect yet and I don't want to post trash on here. I want it to be just my best and not content that I'm posting because I feel obligated to. BUT ANYWAYS. It's that time again... July and August favorites! I feel like time just keeps going faster and faster. Didn't I just post my last favorites?! Here are some of my favorites for the past two months. And I'm emphasizing on the SOME because there are so many, but this post would be way too long. I got a lot of stuff over the summer, so if you guys would rather me do a youtube video haul of everything I wouldn't actually mind doing that!

Black Booties
I got these black "booties" (I still think that's a funny word to call a pair of short boots) from Charlotte Russe and I'm in love. They are not uncomfortable and they are super cute.
Lace White Shoes
I got these at Rue 21 and I love them. I rarely buy white because I can't keep them clean, but I could not resist these. They go with everything and you can dress them up or down.
I already talked about this outfit in my I Don't Know Fashion post if you wanna check out that whole outfit and read about my concert experience. I don't wear dresses a lot simply because I never have occasions to wear them, but I saw this dress at H&M and had to get it!
Chambray Top
I have been looking for a top like this for a while and I found one at Meijer on the clearance rack! I love it so much because you can throw it on top of something simple like a t-shirt and it can give an illusion that you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did. Which is basically my sense of style in a nutshell if you haven't noticed. This will come in handy when I dress up for classes when fall weather begins.
I just threw on the top for the sake of this picture, so I apologize that it's not styled properly and I look dumb!
Wet n' Wild Contour Stick
All the contouring products I've purchased have been powder-based so I decided to try out a cheap cream contour just to see how it compared with powder and if it worked better, I'd switch completely to a cream contour kit. And this little contour stick actually did a really good job! Better than my other contour kits to be honest.
Beauty For Real - I Line 24-7 Eyeliner in Black Magic
I was running low on eyeliner and as usual, Ipsy came to my rescue and sent me this insanely pigmented gel eyeliner which I absolutely love. It's super blendable and lasts all day.
Baby Boo-Boo Cover-up Concealer
I think I found a new favorite concealer. Ipsy sent me this one as well and I love it. It lasts all day and didn't really crease and looked really natural versus the highlighted look everyone usually goes for with their concealer.
Mud Mask by Dead Sea Origins
I purchased my first mud mask and I thought it was super awesome! I think people have high expectations when it comes to masks because they're not supposed to give immediate results such as reducing wrinkles, lightening dark circles, or get rid of acne unless it's explicitly stated on the product. The essential purpose is for it to cleanse your skin and keep it healthy in the long run. I followed my Skincare Routine and used this mask. It did not "get rid" of anything, but it definitely left my skin feeling smooth and softer than any other mask I've used!
Mind of Mine by Zayn
Okay this album came out months ago and I listened to it on Spotify when it first came out, but I got my own copy and I've been listening to it in the car and it is so good! I tried so hard not to like it because I was very salty that Zayn left One Direction, but wow, this album is amazing. I will be honest, his voice is a little hard to understand but his voice is beautiful and the music is just... hot. I don't know how else to describe it, haha.
Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
Again, this album came out back in June, but I got my own copy and it is also amazing and I can't stop listening to it either! If you didn't really care for her music before, you might like this album. It's different from her previous albums and is definitely my favorite out of the three.
Yoga Mat
I got a yoga mat and I'm super proud of myself because now I feel more motivated to do some at-home workouts. I'll let you know how it goes because y'all know good and well that actions speak louder than words, lol.
Vera Bradley Zip ID Case
I finally jumped on this bandwagon and purchased one of these. Now I'm just like every other basic girl!!! :P But forreal though, I sometimes hate carrying around purses just for the sake of having my debit card and license on me and this has saved my life. Plus it's quite pretty, lol.
"S" Marquee Sign
I got this from Rue 21 and I thought it was cute to put in my room!
If I should do a YouTube video haul sorta thing of things that I got over the summer, please let me know in the comments or on social media!

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