My Hair Routine (and other tips!)

I posted my skincare routine here on my blog a while ago and I thought it would be cool to share my current hair routine because I have gotten compliments and questions about my hair! The routine itself is nothing super special, but I have included some other tips that could help you out if you're struggling with keeping your hair healthy. I am not a certified hair stylist or anything, so if some tips don't work out for you, just remember that and also that everyone has different types of hair! Mine is very wavy, but more on the curly side.
and of course my hair is straightened here. the irony.

Coconut Hair Mask
I don't do this every time I wash my hair because it's not necessary to do so, but I have started doing hair masks more routinely. Basically what I do is take coconut oil and put it all in my hair, starting from the roots and spreading and massaging it all the way through my ends. Then I put a shower cap (or a plastic bag lol) to cover my hair for about 2 hours. I try to clean my apartment or entertain myself during this waiting period because I'm definitely not going out in public, haha. Then I take a shower like normal and shampoo twice just to get all the oil out. I didn't always do this, but now I try to do this mask every couple of weeks. I don't know if other people notice a difference, but I noticed that it makes my hair shiny and healthier! Coconut oil is really good for the hair and reduces dandruff and makes the scalp healthier. It also stimulates hair growth and reduces split ends and hair breakage. There are so many other benefits to using coconut oil (and not just on your hair) but I would end up writing a novel, lol.

Unless I am in a huge hurry, I always condition my hair when I wash it. Usually I shampoo before I condition, but for the past couple of months, I have been using the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner which is a conditioner you use before shampooing. The theory is that using conditioner after shampooing weighs down your hair leaving it flat, so TRESemmé made this special "pre-wash" conditioner. I'm not going to lie and say I've seen a huge difference, but my hair is definitely a little softer than usual! It pretty much works like a normal conditioner except you don't need to use as much quantity.

I alternate between the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo (Second step in their condition/shampoo system) and Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo whenever my hair is a little flaky. Both smell amazing and leave my hair smelling good for days!

I put a dime-sized amount of Moroccan Oil immediately after showering and run it through my wet hair. I have been using the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco since 10th grade, but any brand should work. I have always credited this for keeping my hair looking shiny!!

Dry Shampoo
I got into dry shampoo not even a year ago and it's only because I got one in my Ipsy bag. I don't use it all the time because I will always prefer washing my hair over putting chemicals in my hair that I'm not supposed to wash out, but if I'm on my 3rd day (or 4th depending on the laziness level🙈) of not washing my hair, I might spray some dry shampoo just to take out of some of the greasiness if it looks visibly disgusting. Just spray it near your roots or wherever it is most oily, massage it into your hair, shake out your hair, and that's it! I currently use the TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Dry Shampoo.

Additional Hair Care Tips!
  • If you have dandruff, do NOT use anti-dandruff shampoo every time you wash your hair! It dries out your hair even more. Alternate it with a normal shampoo or just use it whenever you see flakiness.
  • Avoid using heat on your hair (Flat iron, Curling Iron, Blow dryer, or whatever the kids are using these days). It increases hair breakage and split ends which also prevents hair growth. I'm kinda bad about this sometimes, but I have reduced the usage of my flatiron since high school and the split ends have also reduced a lot.
  • Do not brush your hair immediately after you wash it. Brush or comb it before showering and then comb it afterwards using a shower-safe comb (usually the ones with large bristles). Hair is most fragile when it's wet and more prone to breakage, so brushing it is more damaging.
  • Use a comb instead of a brush. It is much better for your hair and more gentle.
  • I slack in this department, but get your hair trimmed every few months to keep your ends fresh.
  • DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY. If you're gonna follow just one of my tips, follow this one. It is not good to wash your hair every day. Yes it might feel gross, but the reason why it does is because you have trained your hair to be washed every single day and your hair is used to it. Just start skipping every other day and your hair will get the hang of it and I promise there will be a difference!
Hope you find my routine and these tips a little helpful!! (AND TRESemmé PLEASE SPONSOR ME!!)

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