Spring Favorites 2017

Here are some of my favorites this spring! Some of the stuff I got on the last day of December and did not have time to include it in those favorites since I already had made the post in advance. But I didn't properly using the items till afterwards anyways, lol. Enjoy!

Slouchy Faux Suede Boots // Forever 21
So cute! I was worried they were too tall, but they looked great! 

Black Wedges // Francesca's
These were one of the items I bought on the last day of December and mentioned it in my 22 Good Things That Happened In 2016 post. I have always found wedges more comfortable than heels and these were so comfy! I wore them out on New Year's in Nashville and I've worn them multiple times since then and they do not hurt my feet at all.

Black Floral Romper // Behind the Glass
I think y'all know this by now, but I love black and I love florals. Put them together and I'm in heaven.

Cold Shoulder Top // Wet Seal
Wet Seal closed so they were trying to get rid of their clothes and I got this cute top! It's super comfy and airy and perfect for a night out!

Sweatshirt // Forever 21
It's so lightweight, long, and comfy! Plus the color is beautiful and so springy.

Navy Blue Top // Rue 21
I thought this was kinda different, so I got it and it's so pretty and kinda Free People-esque? I don't know how to describe it, but I love it!!

Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant // Pur~lisse
If you follow me on instagram or have read some of my previous beauty posts, you might know that I'm obsessed with facial masks. This particular mask intrigued me because it is a mask with a built in exfoliant. I tried it out, and I love it! It saves a step and it definitely removed any nastiness from my face. What I would recommend if you do purchase this mask or something similar, don't use another exfoliant after this or before this. This does a deep exfoliation on your skin and if you do too much exfoliating, it removes the natural oils from your skin leaving it extra dry.

Grey Knit Sneakers // Red Dress Boutique
This sounds so dumb, but I really want a pair of Yeezys. No, not because they were created by Kanye West, but because I think they are a really attractive pair of casual sneakers and I don't have any (except for converse). Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive, so I was looking around for cheaper knockoffs. Another blogger mentioned this store having them, so I ordered a pair as soon as they restocked. They are soo comfy and lightweight! I walk a lot and these are perfect for walking in. I might order some more in other colors because I wear them so often now and they are soo cute and comfy!!

Candles // DW Home
I love when the environment around me smells good. It is very therapeutic and improves my mood. I have been looking for new candles and a friend suggested this brand and oh my goodness, this scent will fill up any living space with the most wonderful aroma! I AM OBSESSED. I bought a lot of candles, but these two are my favorite!!

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