Fall Favorites 2017

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. I've been slacking!! I've been so busy and this is the first week in ages where I don't have a test or a quiz to study for or a load of homework. (and I've been really lazy) I actually have so many more favorites but it's too much for this post. I kinda wanna post a video, but that requires me to sit down and film, then edit which I don't have time to do at the moment. I'm sorry!! But here are a few fall (and late summer) favorites!

Mint Julep Boutique // Khaki Strike A Cord Hat
It's a corduroy hat and I love it. I was skeptical at first thinking it was too small, but nope, this has ended up being the hat I grab most frequently and it pretty much goes with everything. 
This was actually at Music Midtown this year in Atlanta, Georgia. I had a blast!
Mint Julep Boutique // Denim Easy Choice Shorts
The moment I ordered it, I immediately was like "oh no, why did I order this. I already have so many denim shorts." But they aren't normal jeans shorts. They have a stretchy material and they are so comfy!

Mint Julep Boutique // Tan Tuft Love Purse
I needed another purse to carry around and I bought this one! It's super cute, spacious, and I love the pom pom in the front.

Dress Up // Navy Last Love Floral Maxi Dress
I had to go for a bridal shower and I had no idea what to wear! My mind was fully set on wearing a floral maxi... but not super basic looking one? Idk, floral dresses are super in right now, so I wanted something a little different and this dress was PERFECT. I am so obsessed with it and it looked so good (in my opinion) and I'm hoping that I have other occasions to wear it!

Morphe // Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette
I have a blog post and tutorial on this palette if you want to see my full thoughts, but I overall loved this palette and I've been using it a lot lately! There are so many looks that can be created and it's very versatile.

Juvia's Place // The Mascarade Palette
I had heard so much about Juvia's Place and how pigmented their eyeshadows were and decided to try it out for myself. They are so creamy and pigmented with the most beautiful colors! I might do a tutorial on my youtube channel, but we'll see, haha.

Rue 21 // Navy Tie-Dye Knotted Waist Dress
If you've noticed, I've kinda been into dresses lately. They are so comfy and not a lot of effort. This dress was a little different, but super cute. I love the colors and the style! I went to Music Midtown in Atlanta and I thought this dress was perfect for it.

Lulus // Neria Black Gladiator Sandals
Lulus was having this huge sale and I got these sandals! I don't really own a pair of gladiator sandals and I thought these would dress up my casual outfits. They are SO CUTE and SO COMFORTABLE OMG.

Francesca's // Phone Fan
I HATE summer. I hate the heat. I found this little mini-fan that you attach to your phone and it's literally the coolest (no pun intended) thing ever! It actually works and cools you off a little. It's obviously not equivalent to air conditioning, but it's temporary relief.

Wildflower // Phone Case
Y'all know I love florals and I saw this case on sale on the Lulus website! The cases I had for my phone were either too big, or not cute. This one is pretty AND not bulky.

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