Winter Favorites 2018

I haven't done a favorites post in a while! Here are my favorites from the last few months.

Black Jacket // Sienna & Bellini
This jacket has a built-in heater or something. I've worn this jacket when the temperature has reached freezing and it has kept me so warm!!

Velvet Dress // Forever 21
This was one of my impulsive purchases. But it is actually cute, comfy, and warm! I wore it while traveling during Christmas break.

Black Sweater // Belk
Black is my favorite color and I noticed that my closet was lacking a black sweater! I am obsessed with this one.

Navy Blue Converse
I got these navy-blue converse and they're slightly different from normal ones since they have gold and black on them, which makes me love them. They are so cute and go with everything!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay // Amazon
I've been eying this mask for MONTHS and my mom went and got it for me for Christmas!!! And my goodness, it literally makes your pores disappear and  your skin is ridiculously soft and smooth. All you do is mix it with apple cider vinegar and you only need to apply it once a week!

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo // Maple Holistics
I talked about this shampoo in my last post here in detail if you want to check that out. Like I said in that post, this shampoo has changed my life. It is absolutely amazing and it is made of natural ingredients.

Shape Tape Concealer - Medium // Tarte Cosmetics
I have heard soo much about this concealer and I think it's the #1 concealer in the market right now, so when it went on sale for half a second I went and ordered it! It's pretty full coverage, so I only have to apply a little bit and it goes a long way.

Lash Paradise Mascara // L'oreal
Lots of youtubers were raving about this mascara and how it was a dupe for Two Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara so I decided to get it. It is amazing. I have tiny nonexistent eyelashes and this mascara lengthens and volumizes them so much! I'm wearing it in this picture.

ignore my brows.

Nutri Ninja Pro
If you read my smoothie recipe blog post a while ago, you know that I LOVE smoothies and enjoy making them. For Christmas this year, I actually got this blender which is made for making drinks and I love it so much! It has simplified and shortened the smoothie making process.

Stress Relief Eucalyptus + Spearmint Candle // Bath & Body Works
This candle smells sooo good and can fill up a whole house with this aroma!

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