A Snowy Week in Savannah, Georgia

HAPPY 2018!!!!!!

One of my best friends is getting married in March (!!!) so we celebrated her bachelorette in Savannah, Georgia this week (January 2-5, 2018). Savannah is the perfect mix of historic and modern, city life and small town, touristy and homey, busy and relaxing... if that makes any sense? You get the best of both worlds. And the beach isn't far from Savannah for all the beach lovers! What is funny about the whole trip was we planned and booked our AirBnB back in July thinking the weather was going to be in the 50-60s when we came here in January because that's how it usually is (Welcome to the South). We show up here and the high is in the 20s and the city was getting some serious snow for the first time in almost 30 YEARS. They had gotten some snow about 10 years ago, but nothing like this apparently! We talked to some of the locals and this was pretty much a first for a lot of them. It sounds scary, but we had so much fun and made the most of the trip. Most people when they go to Savannah don't experience snow, but we did and it was awesome and so beautiful! I thought I would share our trip and our experiences with you guys and also use this for me to look back on and remember the wonderful memories I made with my friends in the gorgeous city of Savannah. And hopefully it will give some of you guys some ideas on what to do if you visit!

The day we arrived we were starving so we ate at this small restaurant called Treylor Park. The service was quick and the people were nice. I don't know how to describe the type of food they serve, but if you like tacos, burgers, melts, wings, nachos, and chicken, this is your place!! They put a unique twist to a lot of traditional foods. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted, but I ended up ordering their chicken and pancake tacos and it was delicious!

We then went to the City Market which is basically a part of the town that has lots of shopping, eating, and art. We visited some of the art galleries and went for a wine tasting at the Georgia Tasting Room. You get to try 6 types of wine for $3 and if you choose to purchase a bottle, your tasting is free. It is totally worth it in my opinion and as someone who doesn't really drink wine or know much about it, this was pretty enjoyable and informative!
These were 5 out of the 6 I ended up tasting.

Menu of wine to choose from. I had to mark four that I wanted to try and then the bartender (idk if that's what you would call her?) chose two more based on the four I chose.
They had wine smoothies so we decided to try them. It was sooo good! I definitely want to learn how to make one this year.

We then came back to our AirBnB and got ready for dinner. We ate dinner at the Olde Pink House Restaurant. As someone who never eats at fancy places, this was probably the most fancy restaurant I have ever eaten at in my entire life. It's literally an old southern house which they turned into a restaurant. Food is on the expensive side, so be prepared to spend a lot! I had a weird experience because the waiter spilled a drink on my jacket and scarf, they didn't have my first choice of food, and I ended up getting a salad that was a smaller portion that I anticipated. The food ended up being yummy and filling, but it wasn't the most ideal dinner experience. My friends had a better experience though!! The house also has a less formal bar and restaurant on the bottom floor if you want to be in a more casual environment.
the bride and her tribe at the restaurant
The next day was when the snow began. Basically all day we just walked through Forsyth Park and around the city! According to my fitness app we walked over 3 miles lol.
Group photo in Forsyth Park

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

You can see how strong the snow was coming down!

River Street

Check out those icicles! 

Confused if I was in Georgia or London

A lot of the dining places were closed that day so we had to search for a place to eat and we found The District Cafe & Eatery and it was so good! This might have been my favorite meal on the trip, which says something because I enjoyed all the food I ate on the trip. I ordered a Bacon Avocado Tomato (BAT) panini with a side of sweet potato and chicken and rice soup. It was so delicious and the soup was just what I needed on this snowy day.

My mouth is watering just looking at this.
The next day we did some more exploring. The sun came out and it was so cool to see the snow and the sun together.

Cathedral of St. John without snow falling lol. If I change my mind about elopement, I want to get married in a church like this. It's so pretty!

SCAD doesn't have a traditional campus so there were buildings all over the city. Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been if I had gone to an art school like SCAD...

We were starving so we went to brunch at Mirabelle Café which is a small cafe known for their Belgian Waffles. It was so good! I ordered a Bacon Melt (I clearly love bacon based on the food I've ordered on this trip lol) which sounds basic, but they used the waffles as the bread and the waffle was sweet so it ended up being the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

We visited the E. Shaver Bookstore which was unique because it had two cats just chilling in the store. The only bookstores that I've visited have been the chain stores like Books a Million and Barnes & Noble so this was so different and intimate. And of course I forgot to save the pictures of the cats because I'm dumb.

We walked around a lot and we went to The Paris Market. It's not a normal market or store. It was so beautiful and had Anthropologie vibes throughout the store. We basically just went to explore and see the interior design because it's so pretty!

We couldn't visit Savannah and NOT have Leopold's Ice Cream! It was yummy.

Savannah Socialite - I forgot what it was made of but it had peanuts and some kind of sauce in it? I can't find the ingredients on the website ugh lol

We then went back to the City Market and ate an early dinner/snack time at Cafe at City Market (they don't have a website) and ordered a bunch of appetizers - thai chicken, crab stuffed mushrooms, spinach artichoke dip, and pizzaria dip. It was really good! I forgot to take pictures of the food or I would show it to you guys. But I took a picture with this funky lamp?

We wanted to have one night to explore the nightlife since we are on a bachelorette trip lol so we visited two places - Club 51 Degrees and Seed Eco Lounge. Since we went out on a Thursday night and it was freezing cold, it wasn't crowded at all! We had a great time at both except when I fell on the ice when I was walking outside which was painful. Definitely worth coming back and visiting again! Maybe when it's more warm lol. 

And we ended out trip by getting breakfast at Clary's Cafe on Friday. My stupid self once again forgot to take pictures of the cafe and food, but the food was really good and the service was good! I ordered just two side items, a bacon biscuit and a bowl of fresh fruit. It's very homey and felt super southern. And definitely the cheapest meal we ate the entire trip lol.

Our AirBnB was also awesome! We were on the third level of this house.

I truly enjoyed every moment of this trip and I think we were extremely lucky and blessed to experience the rare snow days here in Savannah. Being from a small town in Alabama which rarely gets legitimate snow, this was the best snow experience I've ever had and it was so fun to be in such a beautiful city with such amazing friends. If you ever visit, any of the places I went to are definitely worth going to! And the people are so friendly and they are willing to give you suggestions on what to do when you visit if you need other ideas.

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  1. So good to see you all had fun! Savannah is such a gorgeous place to visit I wouldn’t mind staying there for a whole week just to soak in the atmosphere! The vibes, the charm, the southern hospitality, the FOOD - there's just so many amazing things about this gorgeous city most especially during winter. There’s something irrefutably romantic about a cool January day accentuated by streets of cobblestone and a steaming cup of coffee. Moody old Victorian mansions bolstered on all sides by moss-draped Live Oaks - there’s something poetic about them in the quiet cold. Windswept ocean whitecaps off the coast of Tybee. Quiet antique stores. Mysterious house museums. Historic book stores. I could go on and on.. https://www.visitsavannah.com/article/top-winter-events-to-attend-savannah


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