Expectations vs. Reality as a Young College Graduate

I had a lot of expectations in high school and college. I had my personal set of expectations which kinda lined up with the reality you'll see below, but from what I heard from everyone else and me used to being wrong all the time, I figured everyone would be right and I would be wrong. Oh how funny life is! If I'm confusing you, basically the expectations you're seeing below are what I was told by society and the reality is what actually happened.

(Disclaimer: this is my reality. If you had different experiences, that is so great and I'm genuinely happy for you and just disregard this post, haha)

Expectation: You're gonna love college.
Reality: College was actually one of the worst times of my life. 10/10 would not recommend.

Expectation: Sarah, I promise your experience in college will be completely different from high school.
Reality: College was the larger version of high school with less rules and a lot more expensive.

Expectation: If you don't study, you will fail.
Reality: I made good grades on exams I didn't study for.

Expectation: Always study and work hard to succeed!
Reality: Studies a week in advance for a test and fails. Takes an extra year and a half to graduate after studying non-stop.

Expectation: You might meet your future husband in college!
Reality: Guys are kinda trash. 10/10 would not recommend. Just go to church and talk to Jesus instead.

Expectation: People are nicer in college.
Reality: People are mean.

Expectation: Go to class. Professors appreciate the effort and it will guarantee better grades.
Reality: My friends skipped class and I went to class religiously and they all made better grades than me.

Expectation: Just stick with your major, you don't even use it in the real world!
Reality: First job out of college was literally my degree.

Expectation: Getting a college degree secures your future.
Reality: Currently unemployed.

Expectation: Getting an engineering degree secures your future.
Reality: Currently unemployed.

Expectation: Companies are looking for graduates fresh out of college.
Reality: "we decided to move forward with other applicants due to your lack of experience."

Expectation: You have your whole life to figure out what you wanna do!
Reality: Actually got criticized for not knowing exactly what I wanted two months into my first job out of graduation.

I'm sorry if this post seems like a debby downer! Totally not my intention, but like I've said in other posts, showing only the good things in life doesn't help those on the struggle bus. And I was given so much false hope and I want people to know that not everyone has the same experiences. But there were things that people told me that did end up being accurate. For example, there's a high probability that the love of your life in high school will not be the love of your life, period. Lol.

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