Where I Learned All About Makeup (My favorite youtubers)

If you know me personally, you know I watch a lot of YouTube. My taste has changed over the years, and today I watch mostly beauty/fashion videos. And literally EVERYTHING that I have learned about makeup has been from YouTube, so I thought I would share my favorite beauty channels here! These are literally my go-to channels. Whenever they upload, I will watch no matter what. I could share my favorite non-beauty guru channels as well if you guys are interested!

Kathleen Lights - she is so funny and awkward and her tutorials are the best! She's my go-to if I want inspiration on a makeup look. So talented and so down-to-earth!!

RawBeautyKristi - One thing that's hard to find on YouTube is authenticity. And trying to find beauty gurus who post reviews and videos that aren't filled with sponsorships and opinions that are slightly swayed so they don't get kicked off PR lists. Kristi is one of the few who keeps it real 100% and is also super funny.

Tati Westbrook - She is one of the most genuine, sweetest people on the platform. She never does sponsorships and she reviews lots of makeup. I trust her opinion 100%. Tati also started her own beauty company called Halo Beauty. She released a line of vitamins that help with hair, skin, or nails and they've received amazing reviews if you want to check it out! I personally haven't tried them yet, but when I do, I will let you know what I think.

Jaclyn Hill - Someone who is in drama a lot, but aside from drama, she is incredible at makeup and amazing at teaching. Her makeup tutorials are so informative and easy to follow along. And she has a couple of videos on just teaching certain skills. I love her. I even did a video following one of her tutorials if you want to check out right here!!

JessiStyles - Her main channel is comedy and called JessiSmiles, which is freaking hilarious and I think you should check out, but her beauty channel is also super funny! She's really down to earth and super relatable, yet informative. In my opinion, she doesn't get the attention she deserves!

Jackie Aina - She is so funny, so informative, no BS, just amazing. And as a woman of color, it's good seeing minorities in the beauty community because we need more out there!! Her opinions help me out.

RachhLoves - Also another non-problematic YouTuber. She is so bubbly and happy and I just love watching her videos!

Jeffree Star - He's always in drama and very controversial, but he's another no-BS YouTuber whose opinion I trust when it comes to makeup and rarely does sponsorships. And he's super sassy and funny. But I wouldn't watch his channel around young children, lol.

Desi Perkins - Another non-problematic Youtuber. Her makeup and beauty videos are so informative and easy to follow! Also one the few who still does makeup and hair tutorials.

NikkieTutorials - Extremely talented makeup artist. If you want an ultra GLAM makeup look, watch one of her videos for inspiration! 

There are sooo many other videos I watch and these are not the only beauty gurus I watch! I watch so many, but I was trying to consolidate my list so it wasn't the length of a CVS receipt, lol. Please don't be offended if your favorites is not on my list! I could even make a part two of this haha.

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