Skincare for Beginners (the 3 essentials you ABSOLUTELY NEED!)

skincare for beginners

If you....
- are a guy and your significant other forced you to read this, hi.
- have never used anything on your face except water, hi, nice to meet you as well.

I know this post is a little weird considering the fact my last post was basically a struggle bus post about my recent skin issues, but these 3 products are the absolute basics regardless of what problems you may have or don't have with your skin. These products are used to keep your skin as healthy as possible and to help prevent skin issues in the long run; nothing else. If you're looking for a post for a cure to acne, eczema, or something else, this post is NOT it. I'm gonna try to explain it in the easiest way possible for you guys, especially those who don't know a lot about skincare. There are sooo many skincare items that target all sorts of issues, but to have the best skin, you really need only 3 essentials:

1. SPF. Honestly if you're lazy and only want to choose one step (I don't recommend it at all!!), follow this step. SPF is SO CRUCIAL I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause so much damage and can age you in the quickest way. The number one reason for premature aging is ultraviolet exposure. Also by using SPF, you can reduce the risk of getting skin cancer and getting darker spots on your skin. "But sarah, I rarely go outside, why do I need it?" It doesn't matter, indoor lights also release ultraviolet energy. And windows don't block UV radiation from the sun. With the ozone layer (layer in the atmosphere that is a "shield" from the sun) slowly disappearing due to global warming, you need all the sun protection there is. So if I didn't make it clear enough, USE SPF.

2. Cleanser. As you go about your day, your face builds up dirt, oil, bacteria, and other impurities. Washing your face everyday with a cleanser helps remove all those impurities. It also has anti-aging properties, helps clear pores, and helps maintain clear skin.

3. Moisturizer. Moisturizer helps reduce the chance of having extreme dryness or oiliness on the skin. Some cleansers tend to dry the skin a little bit, so using a moisturizer afterwards helps with bring hydration back to the skin. Like SPF and cleansers, it also helps the skin stay youthful and reduces the chance of skin issues. I would suggest putting on a moisturizer before bedtime after cleansing and once again in the morning.

"What should I buy?" Honestly, I cannot tell you specifically what products to buy because we all have different skin types. Some people have naturally dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin... you name it! I would suggest talking to a dermatologist first if you are unsure what to get because sometimes you might have a sensitivity to an ingredient in a product that you didn't know about. But try to go for a basic cleanser first that isn't too rough or sensitive on the skin. And lots of moisturizers have SPF in it, so try to go for a moisturizer with SPF. I hope this helps out if you are just starting out your skincare journey!

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