I Turned a Wooden Palette into a Shelf! (FOR FREE)

If you read my last post, you'll know that I moved! One of my biggest concerns was furniture because although I lived in an apartment for almost 5 years, I didn't own any furniture of my own except for a twin bed and a bookshelf. All the other furniture was my roommate's. Buying furniture can get expensive, so I knew I had to be smart about the purchases I made and what pieces I'd want to spend a lot of money on and what pieces I didn't need to splurge on. I found this wooden palette outside a restaurant in Auburn next to my old workplace and it had been lying there for a couple of days, so I asked the employees at the restaurant if I could have it and they said sure! One of the planks (is that what it's called?) was broken, but it was super sturdy and looked like it wouldn't break from anything lying on it. Even if I had made it a seat, I don't think it would break from someone sitting on it. But I thought it would be most useful as a shelf because I have a lot of decor and other random things that would fit well on it.

How I made the shelf:

1. Filling in the gaps.
There were a lot of little gaps and holes on the palette, so my mom actually went in with a wood filling wherever there were gaps. We let it dry overnight.

2. Sanding.
I spent a couple of days just sanding and smoothing out the palette to make sure no one would get splinters from touching it (no one meaning me). Plus to smooth out all the filler.

3. Priming.
We had this blue primer paint at home so I painted it with this primer before going on with the main paint. I thought about keeping it blue since it was pretty, but I wanted to paint it a neutral color because I wasn't sure where it was going to go in my new apartment and I didn't know what color scheme I was going to have.

4. Painting.
I painted two coats of this glossy white paint which we had at home that we used on our doors and windows. I loved how it turned out!

That one plank is still broken, but it's not too obvious and it gives it a more rustic look, right? Just lie to me and say it does, lol.

And ta da!! Behold, a shelf. Super easy to make and very inexpensive!

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  1. Good post, did you do this at home, or in your apartment? I was thinking of something similar, for a vegetable raised bed, never happened :-)

    Manu uncle


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