2016 Resolutions

Wasn't planning on sharing my new year resolutions on the internet until about 5 minutes ago when I randomly got super inspired. SUE ME. (Actually don't sue me because I don't have a lawyer and I'm not sure yet if the Lord has called me to become a lawyer yet so) If you didn't read my last post regarding my 2015 resolutions click HERE! and if you wanna see last year's resolutions, click HERE. Anyways here we go...


1. Don't feel obligated to do what society tells me to do (already getting deep and it's only the first one, oops).

2. Blog more. I've already gotten into it a lot in the past couple of months, but I've been feeling called to do this, so I am trying to take this seriously. I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts with the internet this way :)

3. Be nice to people even people I don't like.

4. Don't surround myself with liars and people who are not good for me.

5. Exercise everyday for about 10 minutes if I can't go to the gym. Get Lauren (my roommate) to join me if possible, hehe. Get those abs and butt.

6. Get more into YouTube. Just like blogging, I'm been feeling like I'm supposed to get into it more. Actually posted FIVE videos in 2015 which is a lot for me!

7. Travel more. (Basically don't stay in Auburn all the time)

8. Continue to eat healthier. Make those smoothies.


10. Find different ways to have fun without breaking the bank.

11. Focus on school.

12. Listen to the advice of others.

13. Learn to legitimately cook and not eat the trash I call food I've been creating in the kitchen for the past year.

14. Spend more time with God.

15. Try to figure out His plan for me. I don't mean I wanna have my life perfectly planned ready to go, but I don't wanna keep making up stuff and sugar coating my life plans when people ask. Because I don't have a clue about my future. At all. I just know God has a big plan.

16. Ask questions when I have a doubt.

17. Sleep 7-8 hours every night.

18. Do something extraordinary.

19. Have at least $1000 in the bank. (lol I have no idea how I'm going to do this).

20. Don't be stressed and don't worry.

21. Don't share too much about myself if it isn't necessary.

22. Be a listener.

23. Make a difference.

24. Read a good book.

25. Stop procrastinating.

26. Help others without expecting anything in return.

27. Give gifts at Christmas time.

28. Spend more time off my cell phone and social media.

29. Meet new people.

30. Be more patient with others.

31. Volunteer and give to nonprofit organizations.

32. Control my emotions.

33. Take care of my body.

34. Stay connected with family.

36. Get back into playing the piano and flute.

35. Be happy.




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