Am I the only one going through this?

Are you stressed out?

Stuck figuring out your life?

Struggling in school?

Don't know what you're doing?

Are you in school basically because that is what society tells you to do and is the only option to make a living?

Far away from people you love?

Scared you're going to be stuck working a boring 9-5 job after school is done?

Feeling unimportant?

Feeling like no one understands you?

Shut out from other people?

Bored with your current life?

Feeling like you're cursed?

Feeling like life around you wouldn't change if you disappeared?

Faking happiness sometimes?

Just overall sad?

Content with life, but something feels off?

Questioning why some things happen?

Wondering why people don't like you?

Feeling good, but not good enough?

Not comfortable talking about what's going on with anyone because no one will understand?

And then regretting telling someone what's going on in your life because they clearly don't care?

Want to open up about something, but you know it wouldn't end well?

Seeing good things happen to the people around you, but nothing seems to change for you?


Feeling the need to start over?

You have bad luck?

You know life could be 100x worse, but you still feel depressed?

Feeling used?

Not able to live up to your full potential?

What you love doing is not what everyone else wants you to do?

You know you're a good person, but don't think others think the same?

You feel like you're going to end up single and alone?

Want to help everyone out, but can't?

Feel like you don't belong where you live?

Feel like you're meant for something else... something more?

Yeah. I wasn't going anywhere with this. Just curious, lol. but....

Am I the only one feeling like this?

how I feel like I'm going about life in one photo haha




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