Fashion Post 5 (**SPRING BREAK 2016 EDITION**)

I went to Michigan for the second half of my spring break to visit some family and friends and it was so much fun! It was much chillier there so I got to pull out my warmer clothes which made me super happy because I lovvvve winter. There was one outfit I wore which I particularly liked but unfortunately didn't get to take any good photos to emphasize the outfit specifically. But I did get a couple of me looking dumb (as per usual) on my phone while we were traveling that day so I thought I would share them here!

My brother George and I on his birthday. We both kinda matched.
Visited the Ford factory and took a picture with the F150 because the particular plant we were at makes this model.
Visited the Henry Ford Museum and chilled with this guy.
Mirror picture. My mom was in the back wondering what I was doing.
My family and I celebrating George's 18th birthday!

Sweater: I got it at G. H. Bass & Co. in Michigan while I was there! I absolutely loved this store and all the winter stuff was on clearance so I got it for really cheap. I wish I got more though because they had a variety of colors and styles which I haven't been able to find here down south. I think Opelika [AL] actually had a store here but like all of my favorite stores around here, it closed many years ago. *cries*
Pants: Surprisingly, I got these at Ross! They are actually fleece-lined leggings AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I think they're actually jeggings because they look like black jeans lol. Probably one of many reason why I don't wear actual jeans often anymore. They are probably the warmest pants I own, no lie.
Shoes: I got these combat boots at Payless. These are my favorite boots I own.
Purse: I've worn this in previous posts (because I love it so much) and it's from Behind the Glass.
Hair: Straightened and pulled back. Super exciting and original.

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