I Don't Know Fashion (IDKF): Leather Leggings

I went to a small concert Friday night and I really wanted to wear these new leather leggings that I got from Forever 21 (will be in my next favorites post) which I'm kinda obsessed with. I feel like leather pants are more appropriate for a party or a night out than for a lowkey concert, so to make the outfit more casual, I wore this top which is a limited edition t-shirt that Grace Helbig released earlier in the summer paired with these slip-on platform sandals from H&M (mentioned in a previous favorites post). I liked how it looked because it definitely looked more casual but at the same time kinda put together if that makes any sense??
as usual, I don't know how to model so these are actual candids because the posed ones looked worse lol
Top: Grace Helbig's limited edition t-shirt
Leather Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M
Purse: the same purse that I always use from Behind the Glass (I need a new purse clearly)
Bracelet: It's not a bracelet. It's MovBand for my PE class. Kinda like a fitbit, lol.

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