November and December Favorites 2016

2016 IS OVER. AHHHHH. Here are my final favorites of the year!

Floral Lace Miniskirt // Forever 21
I love lace. I love florals. I love the color black. This skirt had everything I liked in one piece of clothing! It's super comfy and perfect for a night out or you can dress it down with leggings and a loose top. That's what I did and wore it to a football game recently.

Denim Jogger Pants // Forever 21
If you've noticed, comfort is a huge priority for me when it comes to clothing. And these pants are the epitome of comfort. I love them!

Leggings // Walmart
I've been meaning to post about my obsession with leggings but haven't gotten around to it. I was running errands at Walmart with my family and I remembered last year that I found a pair of leggings and wrote a post about it (click here to read it) so I thought maybe this year I'd find another cute pair and I did!!

High Definition Powder // e.l.f.
Just learned how to "bake" the face and wow it has changed my life (and my raccoon eyes). Beauty gurus on the internet use some of the high end translucent powders, but this was only $6 and worked pretty well.

Au Natural Palette - Nude Awakening // Wet n' Wild
I love natural colors on my eyelids so I decided to try this new palette by Wet n' Wild. It stays in place on my eyes and the colors are gorgeous and can easily be used as a day look or a night look!
Deluxe Maracuja Oil // Tarte Cosmetics
I've been using this as a moisturizer after cleansing at night. My face has been soo dry and this has been helping out. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Can You Knot // ColourPop
This was a pack of three liquid lipsticks and I love them. I already have two matte lips which I've talked about before, so I wanted some more variety and this pack came with one matte, one satin lip, and one glossy lip. I will be honest though. The matte lip crumbles a little after a while and I feel the need to reapply, but the colors are so gorgeous that it's worth it. Oh and these totally stain your lips after removing it so if just warning you if you aren't cool with having pinky lips afterwards.

Mad Lash Mascara // theBalm Cosmetics
This mascara lifts your lashes and I just loved it! I don't know how to describe what it did to my lashes in words, but I liked it a lot.

Better Than Sex Mascara // Too Faced
Kandee Johnson and some of my other favorite make up artists on YouTube have raved about this mascara so much so I was very excited when Ipsy sent me one!! What I liked about this one is that it made my eyelashes longer, but it looked natural. Like if my eyelashes were thicker and longer, I think they would like this.
Eyeshadow // 'Tini Beauty
This eyeshadow is such a pretty soft red that's perfect for the holidays. I used it with the Wet n' Wild palette and it looked so good!
INSTANT BROW pencil // ModelCo
If you've seen my brows, I have very full brows so I have no need to draw them in, lol. But there are little gaps here and there and this brow pencil was perfect. And it's in brown so it looks less dramatic and more natural (the brown is darker than it appears here in this photo).

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