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It's been a while since I posted some life hacks! I've actually had this post in my drafts since I posted my last one 3 years ago, adding new "hacks" as they come up. Some are kinda stupid, but like I said in my last one, these are based on my life and things that have helped me out at some point! Hope you enjoy and maybe some of these will help you out.

1. Wear enough makeup to where you only have to use a cleanser to remove the makeup and not any additional makeup remover. Or just don't wear makeup at all.

2. If you don't have time to vacuum your floor, use a lint remover. Visibly removes the dirt and takes less time. Plus you are getting a leg workout while you're at it.

3. Microsoft Word is nice, but Google Docs is better. Everything is automatically saved to the cloud so you can access all your files through all devices.

4. And if you're not using Google Chrome as your default browser, quit living in 1999 and switch to it already. That's not even a life hack, it's a life saver.

5. If your hair is gross, you don't feel like washing it, or you don't have dry shampoo, wear a hat. Or braid it if you have longer hair. No one will ever know that you have nasty hair. Plus it's actually better for your hair if you don't wash it.

6. Don't sleep under your comforter/duvet and all the bedsheets. Just sleep on top of them with a blanket. Saves a lot of time in morning when you have to make the bed.

7. If you have bad memory and tend to forget to do important things, leave reminders in places or on things that you won't avoid. Like the bathroom, near your cell phone, on your bed, etc.

8. You have a cute top that you don't know how to make a complete outfit out of it? Type it in on Pinterest and you'll get a bunch of suggestions. For example, if you have a B&W striped shirt that you don't know how to make look cute, just type in "B&W striped shirt outfits" on Pinterest and you'll find suggestions and you can use whatever is already in your closet!

9. If you find a bug in your room and you're scared of bugs, either move out immediately or call your neighbor/friend to come kill it. And if moving out is not an option and your friend/neighbor can't come kill it, say a prayer and use Raid's bug killing spray.

10. If you have dark under eye circles you want to hide, wear glasses. You can buy fake glasses if you don't have prescription ones. Or sunglasses.

11. If you feel gross but don't have time to take a shower (or are too lazy), wet a paper towel and wipe it all over yourself. It's a temporary refresher before you get the chance to shower. Kind of like a dry shampoo for your body? (kind of)

12. Have a concentration issue or struggle to get work done? Reward yourself with something that you like afterwards. Whether it's catching up on your favorite TV show or hanging out with friends.

13. If you struggle with papers, especially reaching the page limits, reduce the zoom on the document. For example, instead of having it at 100%, make it 75%. Yes the font is smaller, and I don't know why, but it makes it a lot easier and quicker to knock out a page.

14. Put old magazines in your boots to keep them standing straight.

15. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when getting ready for an event, thought you looked good, but then took pictures later and you actually looked like a train wreck? Your pants were not as flattering as you thought or your shirt actually did not match that skirt? Take a picture on your phone or webcam (like photobooth) before you leave to make sure you look good.

16. Makeup looks bomb in the mirror, but a clown in real life? Same as above, take a picture of your face WITH flash on before you leave. The flash will capture any of the mistakes immediately and you can try to fix it.

17. Have a spending problem? Check your bank account balance right before you have the urge to spend and that might scare you into not spending. (might. not sure if it will work for everyone lol)

18. If you're in a public place that's indoors and don't want people to talk to you, wear sunglasses. People will instantly ignore you. (college students, this is perfect for studying on campus!)

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