Holiday Gift Guide 2019 (for men and women!)

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I was requested to share a holiday gift guide this year, even though I don't think I'm the greatest gift giver. But it allowed me to do some research and I decided to go the gender-neutral route and give you all some ideas that might work for both men and women!

Gift cards are the easiest gift to give, let's be honest. Get your person a gift card to their favorite store! And if you're unsure what their favorite store is, get them a gift card to a grocery store (Ex. Publix, Kroger, Walmart, etc) because who doesn't like having a discount on their groceries?

Some of you might say this is a girly gift, but believe me, some men need a candle in their homes! And there are plenty of scents that won't be too overpowering or "girly" for the men in your life. My favorite candle brand is DW Home and they have a large variety of scents that you will definitely find a scent that you or your person will like. They also have scents strong enough that will fill up a house, but not in a nauseating way. These candles will not burn out quickly, and the best part, not expensive! You can find this brand even more discounted at TJ Maxx. You're welcome.

Depending on their preference whether they prefer beer or wine, drinking glasses are a great gift! Here are a couple of options from Amazon:

Paksh Novelty Italian White Wine Glasses: Did you know that there are different glasses for red and white wine? Neither did I. If your person likes white wine, these are perfect!

Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses: These are the same brand as the white wine glass, but made for red wine. I personally don't see a huge difference and if anyone wants me to research and talk about on here why they have different glasses for both, comment below and let me know and I'll do it! But this set is perfect for your person who loves red wine!

Arc International Beer Glass: This is a great glass for any type of beer and it comes in a set of four. Great for any beer drinkers who want to feel more fancy and not drink out of a can or bottle.

Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses: This is a set of 6 unique beer glasses perfect for beer connoisseurs who want to experience the different flavors of beer.

There are so many cute mugs these days with the most unique designs and funny sayings. These can even be more of a sentimental gift because you are bound to find a mug that reminds you of your person's personality or something that they like!

Do you have friends or family who just LOVE their coffee or are just obsessed, but you know they already have all the basics they would ever need? Give one of these unique gifts:

VOBAGA Coffee Cup Warmer: This is a neat little device that will keep your hot drinks hot. There are many types on Amazon, so this is just one of the options.

CoffeeSock Coldbrew Kit: This could probably be DIY'd and still given as a gift, but this kit can be used to make your own cold brew.

Nispira Belgian Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Siphon Coffee Maker: probably the most extra coffee maker ever, but super different and perfect for a person who loves all things coffee and you don't mind splurging some money on.

Espro Travel Coffee Press: A great gift for people who travel, but also want good coffee!

Speakers are a great gift to your friends and family who love listening to music or like having background music playing in their homes. I personally love having music playing in the background at home because it gives a homey, comfortable feel to the space. There are so many speakers out there, so I'm just listing two.

Echo Dot: Classic small speaker which you can speak to and control the music. Plus all the other features which I don't know how to use, but are still great!!

JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This brand is great and the sound quality is amazing. Great speaker to give someone. Plus it comes in different colors!

Bedroom slippers are the greatest and a really safe gift to give around the holidays. I love wearing mine during the cold season and they really do keep your feet warm.

Ultra Ideas Women's Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam Slippers: Perfect for women to wear inside and outside the house.

HomeTop Moccasin Slippers (for men): these are perfect for guys to lounge around the house in or go out.

And the best gift idea which I do the most often...

If you ask the person who you're buying for exactly what they want, you can go to the store or online and just buy that. Simplifies the entire gift giving process and your person is guaranteed to love the gift!! It's a win-win situation, lol.

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