I Don't Know Fashion: My Travel Style in New Orleans

I haven't done a fashion-related post in FOREVER!! If you are new to my blog, basically this series is where I share my more "fashionable" posts. But I am NOT fashion expert nor do I really know fashion, hence the name, "I Don't Know Fashion" ๐Ÿ˜

Eating a beignet from Cafe Du Monde. 10/10 would recommend

I went to New Orleans recently for a girls trip. Auburn (my alma mater) was playing LSU in Baton Rouge, so with Halloween around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to go to New Orleans and NOT go to the actual game, but still celebrate and have fun, lol. My friends were planning on wearing football jerseys, but y'all, I'm from Auburn, Alabama. A town where the average everyday look for a girl in their 20s is an XL t-shirt with leggings or Nike shorts. The only time girls dress up is for football games or going out for the night. I am slowly growing out of my shell where I don't care what people think about my outfits, but sometimes it's just weird to wear certain clothes in a town where everyone has a similar style. Like I want to stand out, but not stick out like a sore thumb, ya know? I have no clue if I'm making any sense, lol. But anyways, New Orleans is a city where you can literally wear whatever you want and no one will bat an eye and you will fit right in whether you're wearing a rainbow tutu or wearing a sackcloth. It is so great! I had a couple of pieces in my closet where I haven't found an occasion to wear in Auburn, but I knew it would be perfect in New Orleans and be somewhat "team spirit" since there was orange and blue in my outfit, but also casual and comfy for walking around and not be too dressed up. Am I making any sense?

I am honestly kinda over the crop top trend and how every store seems to refuse to sell tops that aren't cropped?? I wouldn't say I'm the most conservative dresser in the world, but I don't like showing too much skin. And nowadays, I feel like crop tops are basically as short as a sports bra. Like there is a time and place to wear super cropped tops, but most of the time, it is NOT the time and place, lol. Am I still making sense? So I ordered this top thinking it was a longer crop top because it looked long on the model, but it came in the mail and surprise, it was smaller than I anticipated. Well, at least short enough where I had to wear high waisted pants for it not to look too scandalous. I don't know why I even bother ordering tops off the internet because literally half of the tops I order end up being way more revealing than I anticipate, lol. So anyways, this top came in and I knew I was probably never going to wear it unless I went to a music festival, so it came with me to New Orleans! It was super comfy and I paired it with these chambray pants which I tied up at the top to make it super high-waisted so I wasn't showing too much skin, lol. I would normally finish an outfit like this with a jacket or cardigan, but I didn't want to carry around a jacket just in case it got hot.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Fanny pack: Walmart

Sarah in New Orleans
please excuse my hair. I literally blow dried it the night before and woke up like this

Sarah posing in the French Quarter

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