Lifestyle Favorites 2019

This was supposed to be posted months ago, but I never got around to finishing it, so I decided to make it my favorites of 2019!! Some of these things I have talked about in the past, but I still use them and felt the need to share! If you want to see my makeup favorites, click here. This is a mix of clothes, skincare, and other random things.

If I can find direct links to the item, I will link it! If not, I will link the store I purchased the product from.

Oversized Denim Jacket || Forever 21
When it comes to fashion, I love versatility. I like items that match and go with everything. A denim jacket is one of those items. And I loved the oversized fit because it fits well over form fitting tops and dresses, as well as t-shirts and graphic tees. It can dress up an outfit, or dress down an outfit! I LOVE this one from Forever 21.

Link to store:

Sherpa || Outlet Mall in Calhoun, Georgia
I honestly forgot which exact store I purchased this sherpa jacket from at the outlet mall, but y'all, IT IS SO SOFT AND SO WARM!! I have never owned any sherpa till this year and I literally think there is a built-in heater or something because I have never been warmer.

Shoes || Fabrik
I love these platform wedges so much! They go with everything and are so versatile. They can dress up a boring outfit or dress down a super formal outfit. And they are very comfortable to walk in versus wearing a pair of regular heels.

Link to store:

Performance Sandals || Skechers
Okay, I legitimately thought Chacos were the ugliest shoes on the planet and so beyond basic and could not understand why everyone and their mother wore these sandals... Till the end of college when I wanted to wear sandals to class, but my sandals were all too "nice" for walking around Auburn. I decided to get a pair of Chacos, but then I saw the price and I was like NEVER MIND. So I went searching for a cheaper dupe, and I found these Skechers sandals on Amazon and ordered them! They are soooo comfortable and I think they look like Chacos? (honestly don't know what chaco designs actually look like unless I look at the logo lol). I still think they are not cute and wouldn't wear them to make an outfit cute, but they are very practical to wear for running errands, shopping, or even work depending on your workplace.

Purchase it here: Skechers Women's On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal

Aztec Cleansing Mask
I've talked about this in previous posts, but I LOVE this mask! It clears dirt and makeup from your skin, basically making your pores invisible, and gives your skin an overall smooth look. You just mix equal parts of the mask and apple cider vinegar and put it all over your face. Since it's pretty strong, I recommend using it only once a week, especially if you have drier skin.

Purchase it here: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (There are numerous amazon links to this, but this is a pack of two since I couldn't find the exact link which I purchased from. You can also find it at CVS!) 

Simple Makeup Remover Wipes
I've been recently trying to move away from wipes since it creates more waste, but these are the wipes I reach for if I'm traveling or can't use a cleansing oil. I don't know why, but makeup wipes make my eyes STING. Like I legitimately have tears running down my face after removing my makeup. I've tried a couple of makeup brands including the popular Neutrogena wipes and those even sting my eyes. Am I the only one who has this issue? My mom bought these for me before I left for India last year and they are currently the only wipes that don't sting my eyes and or make me cry.

Purchase it here: Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses || Kenzhou
I've heard a lot about these blue light blocking glasses and kinda thought it was a gimmick. But I started getting headaches from staring at my computer screen and I had no idea what to do except possibly sleep more? I finally decided to give in and try these out. I got a pack of two from Amazon and honestly, my headaches have died down tremendously. I now wear these whenever I'm on my computer or looking at my phone. Also turning on the "night shift" mode on the iPhone at night is also helping as well if you're struggling with headaches!

Link to purchase: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Younger || TV Land
I started getting bored and Hulu suggested Younger to me based on my watch history. I like Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, so I thought why not? But I was not anticipating getting hooked!! This show is soo good and so hilarious! It's about a 40+ year-old woman trying to reenter the workforce and pretends to be in her 20s to get a job and it works. Please watch it if you haven't already! The seasons are 12 episodes and 30-minutes long. Too short in my opinion, but very easy to catch up! It took me like a week to get caught up ๐Ÿ™ˆI will say season 6 was somewhat disappointing, but I'm hoping season 7 is as good as seasons 1-5!!

The Morning Show || Apple TV+
I got a free 1-year subscription for Apple TV+ and I had no idea what to watch because no one has really been talking about it? But I had heard about this new show with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell, so I decided to give it a chance and y'all, it is so good. A new episode comes out every Friday and it has kept me hooked so far. If you have Apple TV+, I highly recommend watching this show!!

Tove Lo
Honestly, 2019 music has overall disappointed me. Not a lot of songs and albums seriously wowed me in a way that I was going to listen to these albums or songs forever. Tove Lo is one of the few artists that I could not quit listening to this year! She released Sunshine Kitty in September and it is so good. The song Glad He's Gone from that album was basically my 2019 anthem ๐Ÿ™ˆShe is extremely underrated in my opinion. I had the opportunity to see her live two years ago and I'm planning on seeing her in February!!

Alan Walker
Like I said, 2019 music didn't really wow me and the fact that this album I've been really obsessed with Alan Walker over the past year. If you like EDM, you'll love him. I can't quit listening to him!! Faded is one of my all time favorite songs and my most-listened-to song in 2019 was that song.

Roku Stick
I'm probably like 100 years late, but I bought a Roku stick for my family TV and um, it has completely changed the game! If you're not familiar, basically you can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, pretty much anything you have a subscription for, all in one place. And there's a good bit of free apps and content as well!! I watch so much YouTube, so I can literally cast it from my phone to the TV and it's AMAZING. I also put my Spotify on there so I could listen to music from the TV.

Link to purchase: Roku Express Definition Streaming Media Player

iPhone 11 || Apple
I had been living with an iPhone 6S for almost 3 years and the phone had already been out for more than a year when I bought it, so it was really old. The phone was in decent condition, it's just that the battery was so bad that I would have to take a charger with me literally anywhere I went because there was a high probability of it dying. I knew its time was up when I went to New Orleans and stood outside Cafe Du Monde to charge my phone at a random outlet. And the camera was so bad and as someone who blogs and uses social media a lot, this camera was just not cutting it. This camera is AMAZING, the battery life is great (so far), and I'm so glad I upgraded!!

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