What I Learned in 2019

If I'm being completely honest, 2019 has been probably the most challenging and one of the worst years of my life. I thought it couldn't get worse than 2016, but LOL, 2019 wanted to challenge that. Some of you might be like, "uh sarah, you posted a lot on social media and clearly did a lot of fun things, it sure didn't look like this was a bad year for you." I'm one of those people who can't sit at home and be miserable or I will be miserable, so I tried to enjoy and do fun things as much as I could. I just wouldn't wish what I went through mentally and emotionally on any of you. Or maybe I would... on just the people who wronged me or my family this year (sorry God).

If you are new to my blog, for the past couple of years, I have started a list of things I learned throughout the year and added them here to share at the end of the year. It's kinda funny because you can kinda get the vibe of the year went based on the list. So this is a list of things I learned this year!

  1. Don't lease a car if you have every intention of keeping it after the lease is up.
  2. Don't leave the country for vacation and return two days before you're supposed to move out of the state and start a new job.
  3. I absolutely hate the process of moving and packing.
  4. It is worse to third wheel with two girls who are extremely close than third wheeling with a couple.
  5. Skunks smell really really bad.
  6. I am a confident person. Which means I will confidently tell you that I don't know what the hell I am doing.
  7. I am really really bad at skiing.
  8. Just go ahead and update your phone if no one is complaining about the updates.
  9. There is a fine line between being economical and stingy. No one likes a stingy person and it's an awful trait to have.
  10. Tacos from a place that isn't a Mexican restaurant (or Taco Bell) do not taste good.
  11. If you don't like your manager, start looking for a new job immediately or see if you can be moved to an area of your workplace with different management.
  12. Racism still exists in the workforce.
  13. Karma will do its thing.
  14. People will fill you with false hope. Don't fall for it.
  15. People will say that they will stick with you through everything. Don't fall for it.
  16. If you have to put more than 3 coats of nail polish to get the perfect look, that nail polish is trash.
  17. Self-awareness is an important quality to have. Always self-evaluate and self-examine yourself before passing the blame on someone else.
  18. Having a college degree doesn't guarantee success.
  19. Having an engineering degree doesn't guarantee success. Maybe respect, but not success.
  20. If you plan on wearing white, put your makeup on after you put on your white clothes or you will get makeup all over it.
  21. Be careful to who you give your email to. They might send it to someone else and then you'll get spam emails for the rest of eternity.
  22. Don't eat sushi right before having a night out with your friends.
  23. You can use Waze to find parking closest to your destination whenever you're in a city where parking is an issue. (#notsponsored #iwishitwas)
  24. Never order turkey at a restaurant if there are other meat options.
  25. Just because something exciting or unusual happens at a convenient time, it might merely be a coincidence, and not a sign for something bigger or more important. Don't overthink it.
  26. If you need to be picked up from a very crowded area (i.e. a football or music festival), walk to an area where it's NOT crowded so they can find you. But not by yourself in the dark.
  27. That being said, girls can't go anywhere by themselves at night anymore. Always take someone with you or do whatever you have to do during daylight.
  28. Some conservatives are more liberal and some liberals are more conservative than either would like to admit.
  29. Indian guys do not like me. (if they do, I am not aware of it lol)
  30. Just because someone is nice, it doesn't mean that they are a good person.
  31. Just because someone is a good person, it doesn't mean that they are nice. (see post)
  32. Uploading pictures to facebook is easier on a computer than on a phone.
  33. Family is great, but sometimes you need your space.
  34. Cancel culture is horrible and I hope this changes in the future.
  35. Seltzer with alcohol tastes better than seltzer without alcohol. For example, White Claws are amazing. La Croix, on the other hand, tastes like trash.

Check out what I learned in the past:


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