I Don't Know Fashion: A Sparkly Holiday Look

I love the holiday season because I can wear sparkly sweaters and no one will bat an eye! I've worn this sweater outside the holiday season and wow, I didn't realize I would stand out that much. Not saying that it was necessarily a bad thing because I don't mind standing out! But going to get your license renewed in a sparkly sweater before Halloween is quite extra, lol. πŸ™ˆ

Outfit Details
Top: Target (Can't find it anymore 😭)
Pants: Target
Earrings: Behind the Glass (Can't find them either. I actually got them at a church sale, but they were originally from BTG)

I LOVE this sweater!! I saw it on sale at Target at the beginning of the year and just knew I needed it in my life and I'm so glad I bought it! I've gotten so many compliments and I've worn it numerous times. It's perfect for holiday parties and for New Years!

And I LOVE these boots! These boots were a very spontaneous and surprising purchase because I actually have mixed feelings about white boots. I don't know if it's because I don't like how some girls style them or because I just don't like some of these white boots? But I was at Stein Mart and I saw this pair by Betsey Johnson on the clearance rack and I was like um, WHAT no freaking way, maybe I can try to pull them off? I sent a pic to my friends and some of them said no and some of them said yes, so I bought them! Oops. But of course, I was struggling to find an outfit to wear them with... Until I had to go to a Christmas potluck recently and I wanted to be more festive! I thought the pop of white was perfect with this all-black outfit. It's obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally loved how the look came together with these boots.

The heel is chunky and not too high. Plus I love the cherry accent on the side!

I just really loved this whole outfit. Red and green is overdone sometimes during the holidays, and I think sparkles and a bold lip can be just as festive! I went for a pink lip instead of red since I thought it went better with the outfit, and plus it's a little different.

Shout out to my photographer... me, myself, and my self timer. (please lie and tell me these photos look good because it took A LOT of effort lol)

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