What I Learned in 2023 (and 2022)

Happy 2024!! If you're new here, I usually compile a list of things I've learned throughout the year and share it at the end of the year (or beginning of the year like this post lol oops). I've been making these posts for the past 7 years and it's always a fun post for me to make! Everything I've learned is all kind of random and I legit just jot down things that happen in my notes app. I did have a list of things I learned in 2022, but it was short and I never actually made the post, so it's getting mixed in with 2023. Hope you guys enjoy and I'll link previous years below as well to see the *growth* hehe

  1. Cheating once is a mistake. Cheating multiple times is a choice.
  2. Check the expiration date of food while you’re in the store before buying it.
  3. The people you travel will make the difference!!! Location is important, but if you're not with the right group of people, it can make or break the trip.
  4. Atlanta truly has the worst drivers in the country. 
  5. Atlanta pop up bars > DC pop up bars.
  6. Always leave the toilet lid closed. Especially if your phone is nearby. 
  7. When you’re getting your nails done and choosing a pale light pink, the pink will always look more pink than you expect so always choose a shade “less pink” to get your perfect shade. 
  8. Vegan poke bowls are horrible. 
  9. Some people will treat you differently based on who you're dating.
  10. Always change your car tag immediately when it expires. Someone will be watching and try to tow it. 
  11. Don’t vent to people about your drama who won’t listen or respond. 
  12. Take the vacation if you have PTO. 
  13. Commission is taxed at a higher rate than base salary. Even if the base salary is low and the commission makes up most of the income. (America is awesome!)
  14. There are only 30 true IMAX theaters worldwide, 19 are in the USA. So if you’ve seen a movie in IMAX, it’s probably not real IMAX. 
  15. Weddings bring out everyone’s true colors.
  16. Weddings are also a huge waste of money.
  17. I don't hold grudges, but if you did something to me a long time ago (example: never paid me back or didn't tell me you were in town visiting) and I'm trying to cut down a wedding guest list, you will probably be cut. 
  18. Fiancé = man. Fiancée = woman. 
  19. Always check the gas pumps to make sure they are working BEFORE you start pumping gas.
  20. If the GPS tells you to go a route that has a railroad on it, just go ahead and change routes. Or add 10-15 minutes to your route. 
  21. Mall Chinese food is never a good idea. 
  22. My tires have probably run over all the nails in Atlanta.
  23. Vineyard hopping > Bar hopping
  24. Salty food makes my skin break out.
  25. Getting 10,000 steps in a day is harder than it looks.
  26. If Taylor Swift can go on a world-wide tour and perform 3-hour long concerts, I can definitely find physical activities to do that don't require scrolling on my cell phone.
  27. Don't buy fruits and vegetables out of season.
  28. Staying at hotels > staying at other people's homes/AirBnbs.
  29. It is possible to give up shopping for clothes (that aren't necessities and with certain exceptions) for an entire year.

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