I Don't Know Fashion: A Fall 90s-Inspired Look

Whoa, two fashion posts in a week?! Who am I?!! Haha anyways, my friend and I were in the mood to have a casual night out, so I got inspired by my How to be Fashionable with Little Effort post; looking kinda fashionable with minimal effort, but also comfortable and warm?? It was a little chilly that night so I knew I would have to wear some kind of jacket and my jacket and top would have to look good together. So I decided to wear this lightweight sweater with my oversized denim jacket. I also wanted to be comfortable, so I opted for my fleece-lined jeggings which are super warm and comfortable, but kinda dressy but not really? I used a beach waver on my hair to create some waves and volume and wore this baby pink beanie to bring a pop of color to the outfit.

Denim jacket: Forever 21
Sweater: Ellie Clothing Boutique (I think)
Fleece-lined black jeggings: Ross
Boots: Belk
Beanie: H&M
Hair: Styled with Bed Head A Wave We Go

Please excuse this awkward bathroom photoshoot

what am I doing with my hands?!

I'm not a model clearly

I love the white tile backdrop

there was nothing interesting on the ground, don't worry

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