I Don't Know Fashion: Fall Florals

I LOVE florals. I have so many floral dresses and tops in my closet. Specifically black florals. I have no idea why I love this specific look so much! It might be because black can be a powerful, sometimes intimidating color, so maybe the flowers make it more fun and less intimidating? I don't know. I don't think I will ever get sick of black florals. But I went shopping and saw this mustard floral top and thought it was so different (for me) and pretty! I don't own any tops in this color and I honestly don't care for the color yellow, but this color just looked so pretty and perfect for fall.  We tend to gravitate towards dark colors (ex. maroon, navy, black, etc) for fall, but this is such a pretty pop of color that isn't too bright and "springy" lol. I know there are all these "rules" like not wearing white after labor day, wear bright colors in the spring, wear dark colors in the fall... who cares!! Wear whatever you want to wear, whenever you want to wear it. Rant over, lol.

Top: Free People (Stein Mart carries Free People!!)
Sunglasses: ilymix
Pants: Target
Shoes: Payless

Sarah posing wearing mustard floral top for fall

Sarah posing wearing mustard floral top for fall

Sarah posing wearing mustard floral top for fall

Sarah posing wearing mustard floral top for fall

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