I Don't Know Fashion: Gameday Fashion

I was born and raised in a college town in the deep south, so football is part of your life in some way, shape, or form whether you like it or not. Yesterday (November 30th, 2019) was the Iron Bowl, which is when the University of Alabama and Auburn University, arguably the biggest rivalry in the country, face each other in football. It's always the last game of the regular season and always ends up being the craziest game of the season because it's so unpredictable and both teams end up surprising you with their performance. And this year Auburn won!!! I didn't attend the game, but I went tailgating with one of my best friends and we watched the game downtown with other fans and got to roll Toomers after!! It is literally the best weekend of the year in Auburn. 10/10 would recommend coming to Auburn for the Iron Bowl! It's an experience like no other.

Sarah posing wearing a romper

Anyways, I forgot if I've mentioned it here on my blog, but orange is one of my least favorite colors on the planet, so when your alma mater's colors are orange and blue, it is sometimes extremely difficult to find an outfit to wear. Last year, I purchased this orange romper thinking it would be perfect for game day, but I never got around to wearing it... till just now. It was randomly 75 and sunny here in Alabama, so it was the perfect weather for a romper! I was soo comfortable and did not sweaty or cold at all. I paired it with some converse because we were walking around and I wanted to be comfortable.

Outfit Details
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: ilymix

**I'm going to try to post more direct links to where I got my clothes in the future! Unfortunately, I cannot find any of these items that I'm wearing here online anymore 😢**

Sarah and Rachael in front of Samford

Sarah and Rachael at Toomers
After we won the game!! Auburn has this awesome tradition of rolling toilet paper in the trees after we win a sporting event.

Sarah posing in a romper

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