I Don't Know Fashion: Sweaters and Boots

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw this outfit. But if you didn't, this is the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving this year! I wanted to look casual, but also look like I tried a little bit, so I kept it safe by wearing a sweater and over-the-knee boots. I love oversized sweaters because they are so cozy and comfortable! And boots just dress up and outfit and change the whole vibe in a cool way. But it was actually warmer than I anticipated that day and I got hot in the sweater, haha. #southernprobs

This outfit is perfect for for the cooler months if you're trying to figure out what to wear for a holiday with family or any friendsgiving, or really any casual social event when you don't want to be too dressed up! You can always swap the boots with casual sneakers or flats if you don't want to wear boots. Tall boots just really spice up a casual outfit if you're wanting to look a little formal, but still very casual.

Outfit details
Top: G.H. Bass & Co. (Can't find it on the website ๐Ÿ˜ญI've actually worn this sweater in a previous post here)
Corduroy pants: Old Navy (Can't find the color but this link is the exact pants, but just not in teal!)
Boots: Missguided (Can't find the exact boots but these from target are basically the same)
Belt: Relic by Fossil at Kohls (Can't find this belt either but you can find other high quality belts at Kohls!)

Tucking in a top always gives a more "put together" and formal vibe which I like to do when I'm unsure of how dressed up I need to be and my outfit tends to be on the casual side. Also works when your sweater is oversized and looks big to begin with, lol.

FYI: I know it's been an overload of fashion posts here on my blog!! Meaning all my male followers/people who don't care about clothes are probably running away. I'm sorry!! ๐Ÿ˜… I recently had a revelation and was wondering why on earth wasn't I photographing my outfits and posting the details on my blog because I do dress up at least a couple of times a month. Plus I got a new phone which takes better pictures, so I don't necessarily need to pull out a DSLR to take a photo for the blog anymore, which is the main reason why I never shared my outfits on here, lol. I am thinking about renaming this fashion series on here from "I Don't Know Fashion" to "Average Girl Fashion". The name comes from a "series" (I have 3 videos in this series hence the quotes lol) I have on YouTube and it would be more uniform, since I really am just your "average girl" who loves clothes and makeup. What do you guys think? Please let me know!

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